Our Clubhouses

Madison has four Clubhouses open to young people ages 6 to 18. The membership fee is $5 for the school year, and financial assistance is available. Call the Clubhouse closest to you to find out more!

Madison Map 2015


The Bronx

Columbus Clubhouse
Yolanda Roberson, Clubhouse Director
Fred Lopez, Assistant Clubhouse Director

543 East 189th Street
 Bronx, NY 10458
 Tel: (718) 733-5500


Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse
Linda Sargeant, Clubhouse Director
Anthony Lopez, Assistant Clubhouse Director

1665 Hoe Avenue
 Bronx, NY 10460
 Tel: (718) 328-3100



Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse
Stan King, Clubhouse Director
Alicia Frank, Assistant Clubhouse Director

 2245 Bedford Avenue
 Brooklyn, NY 11226
 Tel: (718) 462-6100


Navy Yard Clubhouse
Aarian Punter, Clubhouse Director
Danny Rivera, Assistant Clubhouse Director

240 Nassau Street
 Brooklyn, NY 11201
 Tel: (718) 625-4295