Notes for Notes: Podcasts & More!

    It’s time to tune-in! Our members are going live from our Murphy Clubhouse and the Notes for Notes studio to bring you the most exciting Clubhouse happenings, music, and more!

    At our Murphy Clubhouse, some of our members flex their creative muscles most effectively in the Notes for Notes Studio, run by rock star instructor and mentor, Patrick Torres. Notes for Notes has become a trusted partner of Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, with a dedication to providing youth with access to music instruments, instruction and recording studio environments. We’re proud to provide our members with the opportunity to express themselves in a positive and fulfilling atmosphere.

    In addition to making music, singing their hearts out, and learning new tunes on their favorite instruments, some of our members have recently taken to the microphone to report on the latest Clubhouse news.

    With a weekly podcast, our members are able to practice their interviewing skills, improve their clarity, expand their vocabulary, and get to know their fellow members and Clubhouse staff.

    To listen to some of our Madison stars or catch the most recent podcast, visit https://soundcloud.com/notesfornotes/sets/brooklyn.

    Staff Spotlight: Nicole Combeau, Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse

    Our Clubhouses remain at the center of all we do at Madison. Without the ceaseless dedication of our staff, our members would be without reliable, positive adult role models and relationships. One such staff member who has continued to provide mentorship to our members is Nicole Combeau, Digital Arts Specialist at the Murphy Clubhouse.

    Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

    A: My name is Nicole Combeau and I was born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am a first generation American with a Colombian background. I graduated with a BFA in photography and video from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. I have been interested in the art of photography since early middle school, and have been pursuing it ever since.

    Q: What role do you play at Madison?

    A: I am the Digital Arts Specialist at the Murphy Clubhouse. My primary roles are delivering fun and engaging programming to Juniors and Teens about the art of photography and video. I work to make a safe and creative space for them where they can express themselves using digital art.

    Q: How did you get connected to Madison and ultimately the Murphy Clubhouse?

    A: I ended up at Murphy because I had been photographing events for Madison Square Boys & Girls Club and was assigned to an event at the Murphy Clubhouse. Once I saw the energy of the youth and staff at the Club I knew that I wanted to work there.

    Q: What is your favorite thing about working at Madison?

    A: My favorite thing about teaching the members photography is reinforcing the idea that every single individual sees the world differently and uniquely. When you give a camera to someone, not only does it empower them to be in control of what they are seeing, but it also makes them think differently about what they are seeing. The members see so much beauty in themselves and the world, and photography is a perfect outlet for them to express that.

    Q: What are your goals for the upcoming Clubhouse year?

    A: My goals for this year are for the members to create their own photography, video, and modeling portfolios and for them to explore themselves through photography and video. I hope to inspire an appreciation of beauty in nature, how to be mindful and confident in their identity, and confident in themselves as artists.

    Mark Your Calendars!

    Upcoming Special Events

    An Autumn Affair hosted by the Madison Council: October 24th, 2017

    Christmas Tree Ball: December 1st, 2017

    2018 Youth of the Year Dinner: May 23rd, 2018

  • August Madison Matters

    A Trip Around the World

    This summer, our members and staff have taken the time to visit some pretty cool places around New York City. In keeping with our priority outcome areas, our Clubs have been learning a lot and having fun in the process. One of those experiences was in partnership with United Nations Partners.

    Teens from our Murphy Clubhouse took a trip around the world when they were visited by guests of the United Nations Partners, including special guest: Ms. Kaidee from Thailand. The goal of the United Nations Partners is to engage youth from urban areas and connect them with international cultural experiences.

    During a session to the Murphy Clubhouse, Ms. Kaidee introduced our members to Thai culture. Members learned some basic language skills, experienced Thai dancing, and were even able to try on some traditional clothing from Thailand! Ms. Kaidee talked about her experience of living in the U.S. and members were connected via video chat to a student currently living Thailand.

    A few weeks after her visit, Ms. Kaidee opened up her kitchen and restaurant to our teens, teaching them how to prepare Vegan Thai cuisine, and furthering their education on Thai culture, mannerisms, music, and traditions.

    Ms. Kaidee hopes to finish her lesson later this summer by taking our teens to the Thai Consulate and eventually a tour of the United Nations!

    Giving Back – Goldman Sachs Community Team Works

    During the month of July, Madison had some special visitors at each of our four Clubhouses. Employees from Goldman Sachs, in conjunction with their Community TeamWorks program, spent four fun-filled days getting to know our members, learning how our Clubhouses operate, and spending time with our members through various activities.

    Volunteers were able to interact one-on-one with Club Fun members ages 6-13 through reading, helping with crafts, playing board games, and more. It takes just one hour to make a difference in a child’s life. Having adults share their time with our kids makes a big difference in their lives – and is also a rewarding experience for the volunteers.

    For our members who are getting ready to head to high school, the Goldman Sachs volunteers were especially helpful as they were able to pick the brains of the young professionals who are on the brink of college graduation and learn more about how they navigated some big decisions our member will soon be facing.

    Between activities like Q&A panels, participating in Summer Brain Gain exercises, or playing in the gym, Goldman Sachs volunteers provided an amazing experience for our members. Thank you Goldman Sachs for spending part of your summer with us!

    Club Fun Update: Teen Nights

    While our Club Fun program is only for members 6-13, don’t think we forgot about our teens! Across all four Clubhouses, teen members have had the opportunity to spend some of their evenings at their home away from home: the Clubhouse.

    Our teens have been busy this summer, learning a lot and spending time with their favorite staff and friends. With a focus on our priority outcome areas, members have been participating in activities that enhance the Club curriculum during the school year.

    Some highlights include basketball tournaments and camps where teen members battled it out on the court and stayed active in the process, prepping for next year’s Youth of Year the program to ensure they are engaging in community and educational activities required for participation, service activities that included sorting healthy snacks like fruits and veggies to distribute to younger members, workshops to learn about new fashion trends and makeup techniques, youth empowerment programs that teach positive life choices, as well as many more!

    With back to school fast approaching, we can tell that all our members are excited for a new year at the Club.

    Mark Your Calendars!

    Upcoming Special Events

    Christmas Tree Ball: December 1st

    2018 Youth of the Year Dinner: May 23rd, 2018

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