Walking for A Cause

Our members are always looking for different avenues in which they can support their communities. This past Breast Cancer Awareness Month, members learned about new ways to give back to those around them.

On Sunday, October 21st, Columbus Clubhouse members involved with both Passport to Manhood and SMART Girls, gender-driven mentorship and leadership programs, attended the Annual Breast Cancer Walk at Orchard Beach in the Bronx. It was attended by Clubhouse staff and close to 20 members!

Although it was a chilly fall day, the students truly appreciated learning a bit more about this disease that affects thousands of women and men every year. For the staff, it was rewarding to see our members attend and participate in the event. Some family members were also able to join! The biggest lesson our members learned? It's important that we continue to raise awareness and pressure our local and national leaders to continue to fund research programs for these causes affecting us.

Next Stop: College!

With 2018 coming to a close, our teen members are busy exploring what opportunities lie ahead of high-school graduation. With so many options, lots to do, and time slipping away, our Clubs and partners are doing their part to get our members ready for what’s next.

Earlier this fall, as a part of our Columbus Clubhouse’s Project Graduate Program, several volunteers from Ernest and Young came to talk to teens about college. They provided students with a roadmap, detailing steps they should be taking to get into their dream school and supported the discussion with a college success worksheet. The teens appreciated the time Ernst & Young took to speak with them and felt that the experience gave them a positive, hopeful outlook on getting ready for college.

Our Columbus Clubhouse also kicked-off an introductory College Information Workshop that focused on mastering the college application process. Teens explored the initial steps of applying to colleges and were able to hear about various staff member’s experiences. Workshops similar to this one will happen on a bi- weekly basis for our teens as they navigate the journey to higher education through our Project Graduate Program.

Nailed It: Making a Holiday Masterpiece

Ever dreamed of being on a cooking show? Some members from our Murphy Clubhouse recently got that chance. Guests from the new Netflix show Nailed It, visited Brooklyn to see if our members had what it takes to be the next best baker or chef!

Last month, 17 members from our Murphy Clubhouse, with the guidance of crew members from Nailed It, competed by replicating a professionally decorated gingerbread man cake. As preparation for the competition took place, members were given a cake and various culinary tools to create their own version of the cake with a 30-minute time limit. An exciting surprise? The judge for the event was the world famous chocolatier Mr. Jacques Torres.

With a resounding “THREE, TWO, ONE” countdown the competition began with members hurrying to collect their supplies. With a skillful eye, members began to carve out their gingerbread man and decorate him. The rest of the Club members watched from the bleachers and cheered for their favorite competitor. The competition was frantic, fierce, but mostly fun! After some very intense deliberation, two winners were selected and were award gift cards. The first place winner, Millania, age 13, will be flown out to Los Angeles this month to compete in a nationwide kid’s competition of "Nailed It".

Good luck Millania! We’ll be rooting for you.

Christmas Tree Ball 2018

Did you catch our recap of the 52nd Annual Christmas Tree Ball? One of our favorite parts of the evening was when our members performed! Click the image below to catch all of their performances plus more on our YouTube page.

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Mark Your Calendars!

Upcoming Special Events

Style Luncheon: Spring 2019

7th Annual Youth of the Year Dinner: May 22, 2019

A Night at Yankee Stadium: Summer 2019

25th Annual Fore the Kids Golf Tournament: July 29, 2019

53rd Annual Christmas Tree Ball: December 6, 2019

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