A Look Back at #MadisonDreams

Over the past 6 months, the #MadisonDreams social media campaign chronicled the hopes and dreams of some Clubhouse members. Watch the video again here!

Through this campaign, you learned how Madison Square Boys & Girls Club has helped members realize their potential and how they are encouraged to dream big. Some of our featured members were...


Tori-Ann is a 10 year-old aspiring dancer who loves to spend her days at the Club practicing her latest routine. She's also honing her photography skills and learning all the different sides of show business. We know Tori-Ann's going to make it big and so does she. Her favorite catchphrase says it all: "Stay tuned for me!"


An artist in the making, Marquise exercises his creativity most often in our Notes for Notes studio as a musician and singer. His attention to his artistry isn’t limited to just music. Marquise also continuously pushes himself to create visual masterpieces. By using his life as inspiration, he crafts specific messages, focusing on the relatability of his stories and desire to connect with the world.

Want to learn about the other members featured in the campaign?

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