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The Madison Dreams social media campaign chronicled the hopes and dreams of the Clubhouse members featured in the above video, with a focus on how Madison Square Boys & Girls Club has helped them realize their potential and life goals. The campaign encouraged engagement on all social media channels by using the hashtag #MadisonDreams, where other members, Clubhouse alumni, and even staff can share the impact of the organization on their success and growth.

The Madison Square Boys & Girls Club “Madison Dreams” campaign was featured on Madison’s social media channels and website. 

Scroll down for more in-depth looks into the lives of some special members, with curated photos, interviews, video, and stories.

  • Meet Ashley!

    At #MadisonBGClub, our members learn that the body isn’t the only thing that needs to stay healthy, but it’s equally important to keep our minds healthy too! #MadisonDreams star Ashley S. helped co-found “Confident Caps” with fellow Clubhouse member Imani. The small business was inspired by the need to combat the rise of superficial beauty and materialism that is often flaunted in social media. The girls have created a website and made over 100 caps and continue to spread the message of maintaining a positive state of mind.

    “The Club staff helped me start my business and has always believed in me,” says #MadisonDreams star Ashley. “They help me feel inspired and confident. When I grow up I want to be a psychologist so I can help other people feel their best. I want everyone to have a positive, healthy life.”

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  • Meet Leah!

    “The Club taught me how to make friends because at school I didn’t have many friends,” says #MadisonDreams star Leah. The 11 year-old has been a member at the Murphy Clubhouse for 3 years and knows she found a second home. “I love to dance and perform and all of my best friends dance with me too. Dancing with my friends helped me be less shy and really express myself.”

    “The Club gives me the chance to become a great dancer and performer,” says #MadisonDreams star Leah. At the Club, members like Leah get to express themselves in an environment that inspires them to be creative and uniquely them.

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  • Meet Devin!

    “When I grow up I want to be a police officer,” says #MadisonDreamsstar Devin. A member of the Murphy Clubhouse for 7 years, he wants to protect his friends and family from any trouble. “I just want to help my community and make sure justice is always served.”

    I also love computers,” says #MadisonDreams star Devin. “It’s fun that I get to learn new things, especially about technology with my friends. When we learn something new and one of us doesn’t understand, we’re there to help each other.”

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  • Meet Emily!

    At #MadisonBGClub, one of our favorite ways to celebrate #diversity is through how we communicate. #MadisonDreams star Emily is a shining example. At the age of 9, she can speak English, Spanish, & German but that's not all. She also knows #signlanguage in all three languages! The most amazing part? Having deaf parents has inspired Emily to become an interpreter when she get older.

    Emily loves to let loose on the dance floor. "I like dancing at the Clubhouse because I get to see all my friends and favorite staff." When she's not showcasing her greatest moves, she spends her time working on her #STEM skills!

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  • Meet Torri-Ann!

    "When I grow up I want to be an entertainer," says #MadisonDreams star Torri-Ann. The 10 year-old aspiring dancer loves to spend her days at the Club practicing her latest routine. She's also honing her photography skills and learning all the different sides of show business. We know Torri-Ann's going to make it big and so does she. Her favorite catchphrase says it all: "Stay tuned for me!"

    One if the best parts about being a Club kid is forming friendships that last a lifetime. #MadisonDreams star Torri-Ann says "I've been coming to the Club since I was in second grade. All my friends are here! It's my favorite part of everyday." Between afternoons spent with her best buddies & always learning new things, Torri-Ann knows the Club is her second home.

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  • Meet Deron!

    The jury has reached a verdict: the next #MadisonDreams star is 15 year-old aspiring lawyer Deron from our Murphy Clubhouse. "I want to be a lawyer when I grow up because I love to debate." After 8 years of coming to the Club, he's also learned what it means to give back. "I can't wait to attend law school someday. I want to always fight for what's right."

    "I love the Club because I get to be with all my friends. I like to play basketball and just hang out," says #MadisonDreams star Deron. More importantly, he understands and appreciates one of the most important things the Club can provide. "The biggest thing the Club has taught me is to always have faith and be hopeful." At #MadisonBGClub, our members learn what it means to chase their dreams and stay true to what they love most, no matter what!

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  • Meet Radia!

    #MadisonDreams is proud to present Radia from our Smilow Clubhouse! Always busy, Radia loves the Club because there’s so much to do. Between dance practice, time spent in the computer lab, TorchClub, painting, and gym activities, she’s always on the move. At 10 years old, Radia has been coming to the Club for over 3 years. “My favorite thing about the Club is being able to participate in the events that they have here. I love the barbeques, award nights, fundraisers, and dance performances. Being a part of everything that happens here makes me feel proud of myself and of my accomplishments. I feel like I am doing something good with my life and that I am a role model for the younger kids.”

    “When I grow up, I either want to be a doctor or a hair stylist. However, if I could have any career I wish, I would like to be a professional dancer,” says #MadisonDreams star Radia. She loves to perform for her friends, family and most importantly everyone at the Club, who feels like family to her. “What I like most about the staff is that they are very helpful. Anytime I am having a problem, or need answers, whether it is about school or having to do with my friends, I can always depend on the staff to help me.” At #MadisonBGClub, our members are encouraged to fearlessly pursue their dreams – no matter what they may be!

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  • Meet Dashawn!

    Introducing our next #MadisonDreams star, Dashawn! At 14 years old & a member of the Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse for 8 years, this tech-savvy teen loves all things computers. “My favorite way to spend time with my friends at the Club is by playing Minecraft or other games on the computer.” He loves the Club because he can learn new things and feels safe. 

    "When I grow up, I want to finish college and create video games," #MadisonDreams star Dashawn says. "That's only if I don't make it as a professional baseball player." With high goals, Dashawn is guided through his days at the Club by staff and mentors like Smilow Clubhouse's Technology Director Ray. He says "Dashawn has expressed his interest in computers and has been a part of numerous computer programs we offer such as NetSmartz and My.Future.net. The reason he loves computers is because he likes to play different types of games and learn new things." We can't wait to see Dashawn shine in whichever field he chooses to pursue!

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  • Meet Laila!

    Our newest #MadisonDreams member is dancing her way through our Joel E. Smilow Clubhouse. At 13 years old, Laila aspires to be a professional dancer and perform in front of large crowds. Her favorite things to do at the Club are any activities where she can be around her friends. Whether she’s performing for them, practicing her routines, or just hanging out during SMART Girls, she feels most comfortable surrounded by the people who know her best. When it comes to making abilities as a dancer into her career, she says,  “The Club has taught me how to be professional, which I know will be important for making it big as a dancer.”

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  • Meet Vrinda!

    We are excited to share our next #MadisonDreams member profile! Vrinda is 12 years old and has loved growing up at our Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse. She enjoys all of the fun things she gets to do at the Club but some of her favorites are being a part of SMART Girls and playing games with her friends. Vrinda’s school also gives her the chance to learn different instruments and she thinks it’s awesome that the Club and #NotesforNotes gives her a place to practice what she’s learned. She truly appreciates how the Club feels like a family. “I like talking to the staff about things I may be going through and know they’re always there for me when I just need someone to listen.”

    Summer is for making a splash! 💦Unfortunately, many of the neighborhoods and communities our Clubhouse members live in wouldn’t typically have proper facilities and training to keep kids safe in the pool. This limited exposure puts our members at risk of adding to the already startling statistics surrounding urban drownings among kids ages 5-19. At two of our Clubhouses, we’re proud to have swimming pools and programs that help to educate our members on water safety and get them excited about learning to swim. #MadisonDreams star Vrinda says, “One of my favorite things to do at the Club is swim! I’m so glad I have a safe place to practice and play in the pool with my friends.”

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  • Meet Marquise S.!

    In celebration of Black Music Month, we are excited to introduce our first #MadisonDreams member: Marquise S.! Marquise is 16 years-old and calls our Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse home. An artist in the making, Marquis exercises his creativity most often in our Notes for Notes studio as a musician and singer. His attention to his artistry isn’t limited to just music. Marquise continually pushes himself to create visual masterpieces as well. By using his life as inspiration, he crafts specific messages, focusing on the relatability of his stories and desire to connect with the world. To learn more about Marquise and how he connects his culture and art, stay tuned to Madison Boy's & Girls Club’s social media channels and this spot, all month long.

    One of the best parts of having the #NotesforNotes studio at our Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse is that it provides our members with an opportunity to express themselves in a constructive and safe place. Marquise S. channels his creative energy through songwriting and composition. Marquise’s first song, “Moon & Sun,” is a reflection and interpretation of his personal experiences, family life, and neighborhood. 

    Listen to the full song below.

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